The autonomous and collaborative use of the LOG equipment, under the supervision of INRS staff, is encouraged. The goal is to operate the lab in an open mode, inspired by the expansion of open source software, making its equipment available to the entire scientific community. In this way, an external collaborator can carry out analyses by himself within the LOG with a free access to the instruments, in exchange of a disclosure of the analysis results three years after his visit to the laboratory. The results are recorded in a database available on the web to create a public repository of thermal and hydraulic properties of geological materials. We hope that the database will become, over the years, a reference tool in the field. The open-mode operation is intended to stimulate the regular use of the laboratory equipment and reduce labour costs.

INRS staff can also perform sample preparation and analysis, but in this case labour costs will be charged. Access to instruments remains free in exchange for sharing data. Please contact us if interested.